Proposed Steiner school building at Convent: a ‘win/ win’ for whom?


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On behalf of residents of Collingwood and Abbotsford, our purpose is to maintain and develop our community, its amenity and the environment, and plan to provide a safe and vibrant neighbourhood.
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4 Responses to Proposed Steiner school building at Convent: a ‘win/ win’ for whom?

  1. Brian King says:

    It is so sad to see the Sophia Mundi Steiner private school repeated ‘very selfish’ attempts to expand its school in ‘our’ convent. They very well know the reason why they are now forced to expand into the convent but this gives them no right whatsoever.

    If they cannot hear the voices of so-many, then maybe they need to look and listen within. Is this the straw that will break the proverbial camels back?

  2. Jim Bernard says:

    I think I might try to get a renewal of their lease at the Nicholson St School.

    We dont want that turned into 85 units either

  3. Hello CARA and thanks for all the love. Since Nicholson St was sold, the school ceased year 11 and 12 due to lack of classrooms. 4 of those 16 year olds are not at school or work. Now you are trying to prevent the younger kids getting an education.
    Enjoyed your “Save the Goat Paddock” campaign so much, then hey presto! A big building at the Farm entrance. Guess that wasn’t public open space. Public open space, according to some at CARA, is a broken 1970’s swimming pool behind a 10 metre high rusting fence, in school grounds. Parents at the Steiner school, 40% of whom live locally in Yarra, made submissions against Australand’s acquisition of Abbotsford Convent, renovated rented buildings, cleaned classrooms and worked to pay school fees. The CARA approach would give the community a dead ruin, as the place was until recently. Do you really think tourists want to be shown dead ruins? CARA can lead tours, explaining how they saved a school from being used as a school, regardless of what the land manager ACF and the Heritage Trust decided.

  4. Matt says:

    Hello Steiner parents. Would you like thanks for taking over public space for your own interests? Not sure why the public needs to pay the price for your organizations poor planning
    Oh and by the way, there is lots of room at the nearby collingwood college , including a Steiner school. By saying no takeover of public land at a heritage site I am not saying no education, but suppose that tact also suits you.
    Me, I was hoping we could restore that pool area for the entire public , much as has happened for the remainder of the site. But suppose it’s more convenient for you to give the impression that you are taking away land from us for our own good.
    Me, I think tourists and Victorians may want a place where they can roam. Not another fenced off area as you have done with the courts and nun’s walk.
    The National Trust, City of Yarra and local residents have said no. The ACF have agreed on lots of conditions, which it is nor clear you are able to meet. Oh, and by the way heritage victoria also said yes to Australand plan.
    But never mind Steiner, don’t let the facts get in the way of what you want.

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